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The idea of stone projected as flesh is very interesting to me. The arresting power of the figure in stone was for me initially in the play between the originator's belief in the lasting quality of the chosen material and the inevitable evidence of change, mutation, ageing and destruction that time has effected. What in many cases began as copies, through time, with bruising, battering, erosion and the touch of hands, have become unintended originals. As time went on, my obsession became about other ideas, other concepts. Most recently in 2015 I exhibited a new series of stone entitled The History of History. It is a very personal anti-war protest statement. Some of the images here joined that series, such as Sarajevo, The Three Graces I, II, III; The Queen of Grief; and Ecstasy. The last image in this gallery is a marker for a continuing large series of cemeteries all over Europe, of the intimacy of ruin and meditation.