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Mechelen, Belgium, is 24.10 kilometers from Brussels. Between July 1942 and September 1944 29,916 Jews and 351 Gypsies were deported from the former Dossin de Saint Georges Barracks - redesignated SS-Sammellager Mechelen - to Auschwitz. Of those deported, 5,430 were children. It is the immutable light of these children that I am trying to exhume in this series, their poetry, the timbre of their voices. What interested me in the possibility presented by these portraits is that I was carrying on a process. These are photographs of photographs of photographs, at least three times removed, maybe more. Each time they are reproduced something changes, they become fainter or louder; the angle is different; the identification is more muted, less muted. Each time a lens focuses on the faces of these children, there are murmurs, whispers. They have a voice again. They are just behind us, full of light, waiting for us to turn around. I do not know their names. And so I have given them a number. It is almost an injustice too unbearable for me.
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